Targeted ADs Program is the frontpage of Education in Nigeria. Our mission is to bring educational services, tutoring services, study-abroad programs and opportunities to the people who need them, in Nigeria and beyond.

Over the years, we have earned a reputation as a trusted destination that students rely on to make the best decisions on their exam preparation, training, tutoring and study-abroad goals. We have a strong organic presence on the web (Google Search, Bing Search, etc) and we deliver free high-intent traffic to the organizations and individuals listed with us. As at July 2022, our platform receives an average of 15,000 organic unique visitors every month.

We run our Targeted AD program by using a combination of our SEO strength, and SEM on Google and other Search Engines.

Our team comprises of SEM experts who will ensure to optimize the keywords on your profile on to get excellent results from Google Search and other sources.

Here are our MONTHLY service rates:

For an SEM budget of ($100 - $500) Service rate = N40,000 per month
For an SEM budget of ($500 - $1000) Service rate = N70,000 per month
For an SEM budget of ($1100 - $3000) Service rate = N140,000 per month
For an SEM budget of ($3100 - $6000) Service rate = N210,000 per month
For an SEM budget of ($6100 - $12000) Service rate = N280,000 per month
Please note that these are all monthly rates.

An explanation of some of the terms:

SEM Budget - this is the amount of money you will budget which will be loaded into the Google ADs manager. It is what will determine the reach of your ADs and how many conversions you will have. It’s our job to optimize the ADs and your page using our professional experience to deliver the best results to you. It’s left to you to decide how much you want to invest in it within the specified range on a monthly basis.

Service Rate - this is what we charge for our page/AD placement and optimization services based on your SEM budget. This is fixed sum.
Once you determine your monthly SEM budget, we would require you deposit the full Naira equivalent of the SEM budget into our account and at least 40% of the Service rate for us to commence work. Balance is to be paid at the end of the specified month.

Potential students who visit your profile through our Targeted AD program will have 3 channels to reach out to you:

  • via the Enquiry form (you would receive the Enquiry via email with the client’s contact details)
  • via your supplied phone number
  • via your supplied email
  • via your supplied website

Our Targeted AD program is a highly effective way to generate high-intent leads to your business which will guarantee an instant boost in monthly sales and conversions. In addition to our already-well-established SEO footprint on the web, we are guaranteeing you amazing results and monthly revenue turnover.

We would be constantly monitoring results and optimizing the campaign to improve performance.

If you require further explanation on the above, or you need more information, you can reach out to our support team at: or, or call +234(812)338-7493