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Codingal is on a mission to inspire school kids to fall in love with coding. Coding is proven to develop creativity, logical thinking and problem solving skills in kids. Coding is an essential skill of the future and more than 60% of all jobs in STEM-related fields require knowledge of code. Kids who start learning to code at a young age are guaranteed to become leaders, creators and entrepreneurs of the future.

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Last updated on July 29, 2022, 12:29 pm

[IOI ALGORITHM COURSE] [CODING FOR KIDS] [10-14 MONTHS] Extensive course about data structures and algorithms. It helps students get better at solving complex problems and win the IOI. *GRADE/LEVEL* 6...

Instructor: Codingal

Listing ID > 01405 • Online Class • PYTHON • posted 1 year ago

[PYTHON PROGRAMMING] [CODING FOR KIDS] [4-6 MONTHS] *DESCRIPTION* Live 1:1 online Python course for kids and teens with expert computer science teacher. *GRADE/LEVEL* 6-12. *FORMAT* Online, Live Class...

Instructor: Codingal

Listing ID > 01404 • Online Class • DATA SCIENCE • posted 1 year ago

[DATA SCIENCE] [CODING FOR KIDS] [12-18 MONTHS] *DESCRIPTION* Learn the core principles of data science and start using AI, ML and neural networks. *GRADE/LEVEL* 9-12. *FORMAT* Online, Live Classes. ...

Instructor: Codingal

Listing ID > 01403 • Online Class • GAME DEVELOPMENT • posted 1 year ago

[GAME DEVELOPMENT] [CODING FOR KIDS] [3-5 MONTHS] *DESCRIPTION* Learn game development in this specialized online course and start creating your own thrilling video games. *GRADE/LEVEL* 1-12. *FORMAT*...

Instructor: Codingal

Listing ID > 01402 • Online Class • WEB DEVELOPMENT • posted 1 year ago

[WEB DEVELOPMENT] [CODING FOR KIDS] [8-12 MONTHS] *DESCRIPTION* An intensive course to teach kids how to create stunning, interactive and feature-rich websites. *GRADE/LEVEL* 1-8. *FORMAT* Online, Liv...

Instructor: Codingal

Listing ID > 01401 • Online Class • APP DEVELOPMENT • posted 1 year ago

[APP DEVELOPMENT] [CODING FOR KIDS] [3-6 MONTHS] *DESCRIPTION* A focused course to teach kids how to build apps and publish them on Google Play and App Store *GRADE/LEVEL* 1-8. *FORMAT* Online, Live C...

Instructor: Codingal

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