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 1st Floor, Pronet Mall, 62 Gado Nasko Road, Kubwa, Abuja Fct, Nigeria
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Early Code provide coding and computer programming training. The students learn from different programming courses including PHP, C# and Python. The lecturing approach in early code is practical with hands-on-activity.

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Last updated on February 5, 2022, 2:01 am

Listing ID > 01326 • Physical Class • WEB DEVELOPMENT • posted 2 years ago

[Web Starter] [8 Weeks] [Saturdays Only] [3 Hrs Per Day] Learn the skill of designing websites, HTML is the language of the web and it's used to write the structure of every website. The CSS skill to ...

Instructor: EarlyCode

[Android/iOS App Development] [16 Weeks] [3 Days Weekly] [2 Hrs Per Day] Learn to build all both Andriod and iOS app with the latest and most accepted technologies. This course involves core coding an...

Instructor: EarlyCode

Listing ID > 01324 • Physical Class • PHP • posted 2 years ago

[PHP Web Development] [6 Weeks] [3 Days Weekly] [2 Hrs Per Day] This course is about building softwares targeting the web platform. You will learn to build web apps from scratch. It involves business ...

Instructor: EarlyCode

Listing ID > 01323 • Physical Class • DATA SCIENCE • posted 2 years ago

[Python With Data Science] [6 Weeks] [3 Days Weekly] [2 Hrs Per Day] Todayís technology has made it possible and more efficient than ever for businesses and organizations to acquire data on a large sc...

Instructor: EarlyCode

Listing ID > 01322 • Physical Class • MS OFFICE • posted 2 years ago

[Office Essentials] [8 Weeks] [3 Days Weekly] [2 Hrs Per Day] Every vital computer skill you need to function in an office setting is covered in this course. From preparing documents, to graphics and ...

Instructor: EarlyCode

[Social Media Marketing For Business Growth] [3 Weeks] [3 Days Weekly] [2 Hrs Per Day] Acquire more customers and make more sales using social media marketing. Do advanced advertising on Facebook, Ins...

Instructor: EarlyCode

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I learnt alot and it was great 6 by Sylvia on October 31, 2022
Earlycode is absolutely wonderful ,starting from the conducive learning environment to the committed trainers ,my experience here was top notch .I learnt alot and i'm very greatfull
Professional instructors and environment 6 by Michael on February 5, 2022
What I really enjoyed about earlycode is the fact that the instructors have real world working experience and always know how to manage all practical pitfalls in software due to years of experience in the field. I really enjoyed my time here and I highly recommend them.
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