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Aanuoluwapo Primary School

 Oyewole Rd. Mulero B/Stop
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The School started in the year 1980 by the effort of the community leaders living in Oke-Odo at that particular year. The School was headed by Mr Akinyemi and it was known as state Primary school Oke-Odo. In 1983, the Lagos State Government observed that the school was large enough to be divided into two schools. When it was divided the school was known as community Pry school Oke-odo. Later the name was changed to Aanuoluwapo Pry School Oke-Odo. The present headteacher is Mrs Ajadi B.M. Our aim is to inculcate permanent literacy numeracy and the ability to communicate effectively. To also affect the community positively through the skills and facts learnt in the school.

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