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Fureh College

 3rd, 4th & 5th Floor, Owode Plaza, Tipper Garage, Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria
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Fureh College came as a need to see to it that future leaders between ages 9 and 20 that are not too financially buoyant and are deprived of quality education ;are being taken care of by providing a conducive environment, sound teachers and outstanding academic curriculum with affordable school fee. It is also to be noted that the poverty in the north east caused as a result of illiteracy was seen as a setback or gap between the rich and poor . Fureh College saw this as a problem which will escalate beyond control if not quickly tackled and this is why Fureh College was established. FORMATION OF THE NAME FUREH COLLEGE The name Fureh means 'it is well' and 'blessing' coined from two Edo names Ofure meaning 'it is well and Ehijie meaning 'God sent' taking the three middle letters from Ofure(i.e fur) and the two first letters from Ehijie (i.e Eh) to give the crown name FUREH. In one word we want the school to be a PACE SETTER

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