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Goodmus Learning Center Lagos

 35 Association Avenue, Ilupeju, Obanikoro, Lagos, Nigeria
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As a conglomerate in the education sector of Nigeria, Goodmus Learning Center is parent to other initiatives like Goodmus Study Abroad, Goodmus Systems Solutions, International Examinations, with the aim to help and support the youth population in Nigeria and Africa to find connection and earn the value of purpose in their space. We have over the years assisted many African students to study abroad on scholarship. In the past decade, GOODMUS LEARNING CENTRE has championed this initiative so nobly that it has earned for itself an enviable position with its recent engagement with public universities and colleges in Turkey. Over the years, through its subsidiary, GOODMUS STUDY ABROAD, it has been largely responsible for placement in foreign universities across the globe through preparing candidates for the SAT, TOEFL and similar examinations. GOODMUS STUDY ABROAD has thus secured juicy scholarships for students.

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Listing ID > 0878 • Physical Class • IELTS • posted 1 month ago

[EXAM REGISTRATION AND TUTORIAL] How to Apply There are 2 ways to apply for IELTS: online and in person. Instructions for both are as below. To apply for Computer-Delivered IELTS, click here. For ...

Instructor: Goodmus

Listing ID > 0822 • Physical Class • Undergrad • posted 2 months ago

[TURKEY DIRECT ADMISSION][STAGE 3 - READY TO FLY] Flight Ticket, Airport Logistics, Preparation to leave the Country, Balance of Consultancy Fee

Instructor: Goodmus

Listing ID > 0821 • Physical Class • Undergrad • posted 2 months ago

[TURKEY DIRECT ADMISSION][STAGE 2 - VISA APPLICATION/SUBMISSION] Admission Application, Notarization of Academic Documents going to Turkey, Authorization Fee, Turkish Embassy Fee, Courier Services(Fed...

Instructor: Goodmus

Listing ID > 0820 • Physical Class • Undergrad • posted 2 months ago

Undergraduate 2020 Admission Processing Cost Structure for Government Universities in Turkey. [TURKEY DIRECT ADMISSION] [STAGE 1 - EXAM] [TOTAL PROGRAM FEE] Total Program Fee - Registration, Entrance...

Instructor: Goodmus

Listing ID > 0819 • Physical Class • Undergrad • posted 2 months ago

[TURKEY DIRECT ADMISSION] [STAGE 1 - EXAM] [APPLICATION FORM] Undergraduate 2020 Admission Processing Cost Structure for Government Universities in Turkey.

Instructor: Goodmus

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