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 5 Akinola Cole Crescent, Off Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos
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ACCELERATE YOUR CAREER. Gain the required knowledge and practical skills to grow your career in as little as 3 months through international, professional programmes. Our Programmes are for you if you are: A new graduate - Congratulations on your graduation! So, what next? Do you have the skills and knowledge required to launch your career? Would you like to gain an edge over several new graduates like you, vying for a role? Would you like to become a well-paid professional within 3 months or less? If your answer to all these questions is YES then you’ve come to the right place. A career-changer - Hey, courageous you. You’ve taken the bold step of moving away from your comfort zone and going after a new career. We’re rooting for you. At CIAPS, we have a selection of courses that can help make your transition smoother, shorter and better.

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Last updated on May 29, 2021, 11:14 am

Listing ID > 01077 • Physical Class • TV BROADCASTING • posted 1 month ago

[PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN TV BROADCASTING] [FULL COURSE FEE] Become a broadcaster extraordinaire within months. The Professional Certificate in TV Broadcasting is a hands-on, innovative and dynamic...

Instructor: CIAPS

Listing ID > 01076 • Physical Class • BANKING & FINANCE • posted 1 month ago

[CERTIFICATE IN BANKING & FINANCE] [FULL COURSE FEE] Become an exceptional Banking and Finance Professional. The Certificate in Banking and Finance course is a hands-on, innovative and dynamic program...

Instructor: CIAPS

[PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN HEALTHCARE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT] [FULL COURSE FEE]Understand the essential features of managing a successful health organisation. The Professional Certificate in Digital Ma...

Instructor: CIAPS

[PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN POLITICAL CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT] [FULL COURSE FEE] Learn the nitty-gritty of how to help political candidates win elections. The Professional Certificate in Political Campai...

Instructor: CIAPS

Listing ID > 01073 • Physical Class • JOURNALISM • posted 1 month ago

[PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN MEDIA AND JOURNALISM] Gain the knowledge and skills to succeed in the media industry. The Professional Certificate in Media and Journalism is a hands-on, innovative and dy...

Instructor: CIAPS

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My Time at CIAPS was Worth it 6 by Oyinkansola on May 29, 2021
Just like yesterday, I embarked on the journey to a better myself and I must say that attending CIAPS validated my vision of transferring knowledge and skills through teaching better still tutoring. The Learning environment is amazingly serene making learning easy and assimilation faster. The course content is relevant and tailored to suit the 21st-century aspirations for inspiring lessons with tutees. The lecturers in my estimation are beyond world-class and are classic examples of what teachers should be. They definitely understood the expectations of the students and inspired them to achieve more. Overall, my time at CIAPS was worth it because it changed my perception of how teaching should be (only Nigerian students in Nigeria would understand this). Don’t take my word for it, be a part of CIAPS to experience the thrill of learning tailor-made lessons that inspire to aspire.
My interpersonal and listening skills improved most at CIAPS 5 by Olajumoke on May 29, 2021
My interpersonal and listening skills improved most at CIAPS. What I liked most about my programme was how the lecturer was helpful, friendly and allowed a lot of interaction between him and students. During my studies at CIAPS, I volunteered at a playgroup that catered to children with different learning styles and multiple intelligence (each style and intelligence I was able to identify. In the future I plan to open my own learning institution that allows children to feel welcome and loved no matter their learning capabilities because I believe no child should be left behind.
Training with CIAPS was simply great 6 by Orevha on May 29, 2021
Training at CIAPS was great!. The ambience and those that facilitated, everything was on point. I was wowed with the way I was lectured during my one week training. I was exposed to some managerial skills a PA should possess to execute daily tasks. I love the method of managing your boss and top management at all levels, using the Selling Process. CIAPS is a good place of learning and I wish to recommend it to anyone who loves to gain knowledge in his or her career.
The Learning Environment is an Enabling 5 by Cornelia on May 29, 2021
My personal experience at CIAPS has been an amazing one; I would love to relive it again and again. During my training programme that lasted for a few months, I acquired relevant knowledge, skills and attitude covering a number of competency areas including tutoring, organizing, communication and management. The learning environment is an enabling and serene one that provides a multimedia platform for assimilating information. I also received a lot of career guidance which has enabled me run a training outfit for schools and colleges. Today, I am a better writer and speaker, thanks to CIAPS.
It was a great experience that has seen me soar in Confidence 5 by Samuel on May 29, 2021
I had taught for a while before coming to CIAPS before then I use to experience a great deal of frustration when it came to handling learning challenges of my students, We weren’t just connecting because I lacked the knowledge to deal with their difficulties , I had read stuffs on line but needed a proper guide and simulation that will enlarge my capacity and increase my confidence to deal with those issues. The international certificate tutor course came to the rescue with well planed program , dedicated tutors and real life examples drawn from best practices my “eureka” moment finally arrived. It was a great experience that has seen me soar in confidence. Obvious to my employers I was given the privilege to head the college section just kicking off. At CIAPS the experience was worth it.
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