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 42 Montgomery Rd, Sabo Yaba 100001, Lagos, Nigeria
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If you are seeking to start, grow or build a career in tech, we have you covered. At Univelcity, we focus on industry-ready skills, prepare our students for the future of work while connecting them to top jobs in Nigeria and around the world.

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Last updated on May 1, 2021, 4:28 pm

Listing ID > 01026 • Physical Class • FRONTEND DEV • posted 2 years ago

[FRONTEND WEB DEV WITH REACT.JS] [10AM - 4PM DAILY] Learn to build dynamic website interfaces with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap Javascript and React with some new features like SAAS. Learn how to prototype d...

Instructor: Univelcity

Listing ID > 01025 • Physical Class • PYTHON • posted 2 years ago

[PYTHON FOR DATA SCIENCE] [WEEKENDS ONLY] Rapid technological advances in Data Science have been reshaping global businesses and putting performances on overdrive. As yet, companies are able to captur...

Instructor: Univelcity

Listing ID > 01024 • Physical Class • WORDPRESS • posted 2 years ago

[WORDPRESS & GRAPHICS DESIGN] [10AM-4PM DAILY] 34% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online like CNN. It is easier to build a fantastic, responsive website that loo...

Instructor: Univelcity

Listing ID > 01023 • Physical Class • FULLSTACK DEV • posted 2 years ago

[10AM - 4PM DAILY] Our Fullstack Developerís Program is a 6 Months immersive training and working program. Students will learn through an instructor-led training program while working on assignments a...

Instructor: Univelcity

Listing ID > 01022 • Physical Class • BACKEND DEV • posted 2 years ago

[BACKEND WEB DEVELOPMENT] [10AM-4PM DAILY] Build and deploy robust web applications and apps using Django. Using Djangoís security implications to create safe web applications with it. In this cour...

Instructor: Univelcity

Listing ID > 01021 • Physical Class • FRONTEND DEV • posted 2 years ago

[FRONTEND WEB DEVELOPMENT] [10AM-4PM DAILY] Learn to build complete projects using the latest frameworks and programming languages. Master efficient way of writing clean, secured and maintainable code...

Instructor: Univelcity

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A pathway to success 6 by Arinola on February 1, 2022
Heard about the univelcity frontend developer masterclass through social media and decided to quell my fears and give them a try. A truly immersive developer experience! I really appreciated the hands on approach to learning, passion, dedication and patience of all staffs and the friends made. I believe univelcity is the ultimate path way to a career in tech, and I would recommend them any day. Thanks for the awesome experience.
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